Camp Reflection

Camp Rumbug Reflection

Before Camp

What I hope to get out of camp is a stronger relationship between us seniors especially

 because what’s been happening I feel that we are not one anymore.

How and will we go back to being one group of seniors ?

I hope that I get to know everyone better and also get to see their other sides. I wonder how many sides people have ?

I’m looking forward to all the activities that involve teamwork skills because it will test us on how we work together as a team. I wonder what activities involve teamwork ?

I will trying my best to get along with everyone. I will also be showing people my more fun and matureside.

I’m worried that people will not get along and make drama.


After Camp

The best part….

Was the flying fox because it was fun and i had a go thanks to the people in my group who encouraged me to go on and who kept on saying it was really fun

The funniest thing was….

Mud run because people kept on falling in the mud in the wrong time

The hardest part was….

Coming back home

Something I learned….

Alex has a really fun side

Someone I got to know better…..

All the teachers cause they have a really fun side

Something that surprised me…..

Is that the boys and girls didn’t really interact

Most memorable part…

was the campfire

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