Elephant Seal

In this report i will be talking about where they range from,their size, there life expectancy ,how they got their name and more.

Where they range

Elephant seals range over the pacific coast of the u.s. Elephant seals are found in the southern hemisphere on the islands such as south Georgia and macquarie island.Elephant seals also migrate in search for food often diving deep to forage.

Size and life expectancy

The southern elephant seal can reach up to a length of 5 meters and weigh in at a total 3,000 kg,they are larger than cow’s. Female elephant seals have can for up to 22 years.Did you know that female seal give birth at the age of 3-4.the male seal’s longest life expectancy is 14 years.southern elephant seals are the largest seals.

Name and species

Their name comes from their trunk-like snout.

There are two species and one had almost been extinct.


Their diet includes eating-shark,flatfish,rat fish,crab,squid and octopus but they mainly squid.they can dive into water and not come up for about 2 hours.

Behavior                                                                                     It’s not usual to find a lot of elephant seals together enjoying the company.they are usually found lying in the sun.they also find it easier for them to get around in the water and that’s why they spend most of their time in the water



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