Art Week 3-4

In week 3 we started art. I was so excited to start! For art we had done something sort of like scribble art. But we had to complete 2 art pieces, one art piece using cool colors and the other with warm. Down Below there will be a photo of our art. Also if you have time you should visit.




2 thoughts on “Art Week 3-4”

  1. Hi Maria,

    Welcome back to blogging in 2016! You’ve made a great start to the year.
    I like how you added a link to our class blog, with the photo of all the warm/cool pics – good thinking.


    M Scott

  2. Hi Maria,
    I like the artwork! I also like how you did it, 1 Warm and 1 Cold!
    I really like the art work you did and its fascinating!
    I have 1 question…! What did you think of it out of 10??

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